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The way that energy inspections are performed is changing rapidly. Organizations must remain agile and adopt innovative technologies to optimize workflow and enhance efficiency, and increase accuracy.

Quantum Dynamics Dji Urban Planning

Municipal Surveys & Engineering Projects

With photogrammetry and LiDAR, aerial surveys by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) make projects faster and more efficient. By gathering accurate near-real-time information about terrain and structures with video and imagery, large areas can be monitored in a short time. Save taxpayer money by conducting initial and maintenance surveys without the need for large ground crews.

Highly accurate scans with photogrammetric and LiDAR solutions can help public projects simulate and test new investments before construction and engineering efforts. These may also reduce risk and prevent unexpected issues by alerting project managers ahead of time.

Disaster Response

Fly over affected areas, document damage to infrastructure and property, and optimize relief efforts. Hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, landslides, and tornadoes often occur suddenly and unpredictably.

Government agencies are responsible for rapidly responding without undue risk to engineers and personnel. Knowing whether it’s safe to deploy teams is paramount. UAVs provide safe, effective, and efficient means to monitor environmental conditions and determine accessibility. Quickly see the extent of the damage, search for survivors, and direct personnel accordingly.

Compared to the costly and limited supply of helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can fly much lower and provide enhanced scans or views of the landscape.

Quantum Dynamics Dji Disaster Response
Quantum Dynamics Wildlife Monitoring

Wildlife Monitoring

Government agencies are required to perform inspections that monitor wildlife populations throughout rugged and difficult to access areas to track behaviors and contain illnesses.

Typically performed on foot or via expensive aircraft. Alternatively, all-in-one UAV platforms are highly portable, easy to fly, and can scout large designated areas to keep track of wildlife. Combined with cutting-edge software technology, users can quickly and automatically count wildlife for ease of reporting and monitoring.

Wildfire Mitigation

Fight fires with agile and powerful drone solutions. Built for the toughest missions, our industrial UAV platforms equipped with thermal and optical zoom cameras can help you swiftly scan through smoke and fire.

Such capabilities provide a safer view of the mission, with real-time situational awareness for better decision making.

Quantum Dynamics Dji Public Safety Firefighting 2

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