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Mining & Aggregate

Quantum Dynamics Mining Volumetric Surveys

The mining industry is experiencing a revolution in data collection and safety improvements. More and more, mining companies are utilizing Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) as a less expensive means compared to helicopters or airplanes. Equipped with mapping and volumetric capabilities, unique data collection of stockpile inventory and reporting is achieved at a fraction of the cost and time. Through thermal and geographic imagery, real-time data of deposit sites and proposed mines provides accurate inventory management and planning. Operators can now reduce labor costs by 84%, increase data accuracy by 80%, and fly 150-acres in under 30 minutes.

Quantum Dynamics Mine Exploration


  • Manage waste rock and ore stockpile inventories.
  • Generate cut-and-fill reports for drag-line operations.
  • Evaluate slope stability.
  • Reclamation planning.
  • Verify blasting pattern locations.

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