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Quantum Dynamics maintains an experienced team of both manned and remote FAA Rated Airman, instructors, analysts, digital content creators, designers, and consultants at your service.

Quantum Dynamics provides project-based, on-demand commercial unmanned aerial systems (UAS), aka drone, flight services by experienced and licensed FAA Part 107 remote pilots. Drone solutions provide inspectors with accurate data and enhanced safety. With high-quality aerial imaging and real-time video transmission, inspectors can evaluate buildings or structures from the ground without putting themselves in harm’s way. Quickly and easily detect physical defects or anomalies, the presence of water, or electrical damage. Add thermal capabilities along with visual imagery and a suite of intelligent features to gain unprecedented business intelligence.

The majority of our flight services are completed via automated workflows through cutting-edge drone and software technologies. Results are measurable and actionable business intelligence developed from live video streaming, aerial data, video, and imagery collection. Produced data is easily consumable and shareable across various teams and project members.





Insurance & Roof Inspections

Digital Media & Broadcast

Mining & Aggregate

Public Safety




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