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Insurance & Roof Inspections

Quantum Dynamics Roof Inspections Thermal

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) solutions are becoming increasingly important to the insurance industry for rapid assessments and claim verification. By alleviating the use of humans to put themselves at unnecessary risk physically, UAV inspections can document damage, inspect from various angles, identify moisture pockets on roofs, and create 3D models in unstable conditions. Through fully automated flights, operators can improve safety, reduce loss adjustment expenses while delivering more accurate risk assessments with drastically reduced inspection times.

Quantum Dynamics Roof Inspections

Adjusters and underwriters can collect data via pre-programmed repeatable flight profiles, providing consistency with inspection processes. Roof inspections and disaster claims have never been easier and more efficient while capturing high-resolution images to preserve key details and allow the clean-up and reconstruction to begin as quickly as possible.

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