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Digital Media & Broadcast

Quantum Dynamics Autel Broadcast Media Live Stream

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have entirely changed the game for small business videographers, film studios, and media outlets worldwide. Through drastic cost reductions, when compared to helicopters, airplanes, trains, and zip-lines, the rapid deployment of UAVs provides real-time live-streaming of aerial footage from fresh perspectives. Every day videographers now have the freedom to get that perfect shot or half-moon clip for their production or social media.

Quantum Dynamics Real Estate Thailand

Do you have a wedding shoot, real estate, or property that needs the extra “wow” factor? An aerial fade-away shot or a complete digital mapping for orthomosaic maps, LiDAR, and virtual reality (VR) tours will set you light-years apart. The sky’s the limit for those itching to explore their digital media creative side.

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