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Precision Agriculture

Efficient and Intelligent Solutions

Cutting-edge technology and enhanced workflow provide intelligent solutions that save time, improve productivity, and increase yields for farmers, growers, agricultural corporations, and service agencies.

Our solutions provide digital, informative, intelligent, and precise field management for grain crops such as rice, wheat, and corn. Empower agricultural operators with more convenient and efficient options, reduce operating costs, improve crop quality, and increase yield rate.

Dji P4rtk Agriculture Drone

Field Mapping

Field mapping helps you envision agriculture plans, utilize the GIS system for property management, record changes in field conditions, generate basic maps for precise agriculture, and provide a reference for field construction and planning.

QD Crop Inspection

Crop Inspection

Based on collected multispectral data, users can quickly acquire the desired plant-specific metrics and parameters, inspect plant health in real-time, detect insects and weeds promptly, and utilize crop protection measures to ensure precise agriculture management.

Quantum Dynamics Dji Phantom 4 Rtk Construction Surveys

Mission Planning

With mission planning software, users can create area mapping and obtain data analysis for farms, orchards, and forests, prescribing solutions for variable rates of fertilizer spreading. Mission planning, significantly improving operational efficiency with its ability to generate automatic flight paths.

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