Digitize Workflows with Drone Solutions

Construction projects are complex dynamics activities that involve multiple subcontractors, along with internal and external stakeholders. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) provide your business with a competitive edge, from as early as the bidding process, and make data collection faster, easier, and more cost-effective.

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Regular, detailed maps of a site will homogenize efforts by providing project teams with centimetre-accurate 2D and 3D sitemaps or near-real-time digital twins of assets. Teams can track changes against as-built models that reflect progress with accurate and secure data storage and transmission.

Quantum Dynamics Dji Phantom 4 Rtk Construction Surveys

With the ability to Integrate popular project management systems such as BIM and auto-CAD, drone platforms are ideal for early damage evaluation, quality management exercises, safety in vertical inspections, identifying shrink, along with other asset evaluation techniques. With 360-degree Obstacle Avoidance, remote pilots can fly with confidence in congested areas. Sensing an obstacle will slow the aircraft, and stop when the obstacle/object is close.

Quantum Dynamics Zenmuse P1 Matrice 300 Construction 2


  • Streamline Planning – Improve your planning and bid process with rapid, accurate, and cost-effective drone data.
  • Optimize Project Management – Eliminate project waste with full-site awareness using regular, shareable site maps.
  • Minimize Risk – Track every step of the construction progress for years – even across multiple owners.

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