Aertos 130IR

Control, Flexibility and Security
Imagine a fighter pilot’s cockpit view…

The Next Generation in Autonomous Stability for

Confined Space and GPS-Denied Environments


The world’s best workforces require the world’s best tools. Tools designed to get the job done. Tools that can be used in any environment and that survive the rough-and-ready demands of the men and women who use them. Specialized tools that fill voids and solve problems, and make your work more successful, not more complicated.

No one wants second-rate tools on the jobsite. And while drones may seem unique and promising, they don’t exactly thrive in challenging environments. Your demanding task deserves Rugged and Durable – not Fragile, or Vulnerable, or Risky.

You want a tough tool, not an expensive toy.

Your tools should work just as hard as you do and come back in one piece, and Aertos UAVs from Digital Aerolus change the game. Gone are the days of shattered plastic and flimsy frames. Aertos UAVs feature a tough carbon fiber body built for the toughest tasks, and a cutting-edge flight framework that keeps you in the air through the tightest, trickiest paths. It’s a flying supercomputer with a breathtaking set of imagers and sensors, and it’s the smartest tool in the shed.

We design and manufacture every Aertos UAV and controller right here in the USA. We understand your job – and we know what tools you need to do your job better.

Experience the Aertos dierence – it’s a rugged, smart, autonomous, American UAV for industrial inspections.

It’s a tool, not a toy.


Our original Aertos UAVs delivered many firsts: a unique groundbreaking FGF® flight framework that reacts to environmental factors and self-corrects the vehicle during flight; ultra-rugged construction designed for confined space operations without external sensors or GPS reference; and the first industrial UAV truly capable of replacing a human during dangerous or costly in-field inspections.

Building squarely on that success, the all-new Aertos 130IR now takes flight. With the latest AI technology wrapped in a rugged frame that meets the challenge of real-world confined spaces, it’s a serious tool ready to tackle the harshest places and toughest jobs. No other UAV matches the 130IR’s combination of stability, autonomy, advanced technology, omnidirectional sensors, and mapping and tracking capabilities – all designed and built in America.

The engineers and scientists at Digital Aerolus spent years perfecting the 130IR’s unique technology. This revolutionary tool for industrial inspections represents another milestone in our history of creating transformative technologies with far-reaching impacts across a variety of industries.

Every Aertos UAV contains our patented Folded Geometry Framework (FGF®). This unique AI system equips Aertos UAVs to self-correct during flight, delivering unparalleled stability in confined spaces and GPS-denied environments.

In addition, the latest aerodynamic ducted fan designs significantly improve performance and flight times.

We don’t map to fly stably.
We fly stably to map.

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Type Aertos 130IR
Weight 5.95 lbs (2700g)
Max Angular Velocity Pitch: 150º/s
Yaw: 150º/s
Max Ascent Speed 17 ft/s (5 m/s)
Max Descent Speed 17 ft/s (5 m/s)
Max Flight Time Approx. 10 min
(hovering at sea level with no wind)
Operating Temperature -4º to 110º F (-20º to 43º C)
Diagonal Distance 21 inches (533.4 mm) edge to edge
Imagers and Sensors
Imagers Sony® RX0II optical camera
Sensor: 1″ CMOS
Video: Up to 4K @ 30p 100m
Photo: 15.3 megapixels
ISO: 125-12000
Format: RAW/JPEG
FLIR® Boson 320 6.3mm IR camera
upgradeable to Boson 640
Sensors 9-element omnidirectional scene sensor array
high resolution depth sensing
Synthetic LIDAR
FPV Low latency FPV camera system
Super Wide Dynamic Range
Type LiOH 6S
Net Weight 1.43 lbs. (650g)
Maximum Capacity 4500 mAh
Configuration 6S1P/22.2V
Discharge Rate 25 C
Max Burst Discharge Rate 50 C
Dimensions 5.43 inches x 1.67 inches x 2.05 inches
(138 mm length x 42.5 mm width x 52 mm height)
Body High impact composite
Expandable ports
Integrated video display
Processor Nvidia Jetson Nano
Linux OS
In the Case
  • Aertos 130IR UAS
    • Sony® RX0II imager
    • FLIR® Boson IR imager
    • Omnidirectional scene sensor array
  • Aertos controller
  • (3) LiOH batteries
  • ISDT dual charger
  • Pelican ATA flight case
  • Replacement thruster
  • Accessories

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